The cooperatives

The cooperative Muszynianka is a mineral water plant based in Krynica-Zdrój and Muszyna (Poland). It was created in 1951 with the initiative of the employees. Currently, the cooperative is integrated by 66 workers, of whom 59 are members of the cooperative. In Poland Muszynianka is on the 5th place on the market for its product, in a ranking of 200 companies. In the last years its turnover has increased, even in time of crisis.


Fonderie de l’Aisne is an example of a success re-establishment of a bankrupted enterprise as a new cooperative by its workers. This cooperative is based in Dormans (Picardie, France) was established in 1930 originally. After the liquidation of the enterprise in 2009, some former workers decided to save their jobs together by creating a new cooperative to continue their business activities and ensure their future. In the last three year this cooperative has created 9 new jobs and now is integrated by 35 workers. 

Fonderie de l'Aisne

Consorzio SIS

Consorzio SIS was established in 1995 and works in Milano and its metropolitan area. It was created due to the legislation changes in terms of health in Italy (privatization of services in the 90s’). In total, this consorzio joins 32 cooperatives: 21 type A (social services) and 11 type B (labour market integration of disadvantaged people). The total of workers in 2010 was 1,860, of whom 1,187 are members of the cooperatives. 

MONDRAGON Corporation

The MONDRAGON Corporation is the 10th enterprise group of Spain. It was founded in 1956 in the village of Mondragon (Basque Country, Spain). Currently, the group is active in a number of core industrial and service activities, distribution, banking and insurance, as well as higher education and Research & Development.  It has become increasingly internationalized, with 73 plants in 18 other countries and regions of the world. In 2010 the group is integrated by 83.859 workers.

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