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The Best Days

Leire Luengo  -  Producer & Scriptwriter

Leire has been working at CICOPA and CECOP – CICOPA Europe since 2011. She graduated in Journalism (University of Malaga) and has a master’s degree in International Relations (Complutense University of Madrid). She has been working in several media companies in Spain where her passion for European issues and social economy led her to start a career in Brussels.

Ana Sánchez  -  Director & Scriptwriter ​

Ana is graduated in Psychology and Audiovisual Communication. In 2002 she created the audiovisual production cooperative m30m, in which she has carried out several documentaries on cooperativism and social economy, such as the documentary series “The Social Economy in Andalusia” and “Entrepreneurship from the Social Economy”, as well as fiction films (“Los Sueños de Pablo”, 2011). In addition, she has been the inventor and developer of the first television channel about social economy (

Bruno Roelants  -  Scriptwriter​

Bruno is the Secretary General of CICOPA and of CECOP-CICOPA Europe. He has a Master's degree in labour studies (ISS, The Hague) and was previously based in Beijing as a project officer for the development NGO Frères des Hommes in China. He then took charge of several cooperative development projects in China, India and Central-Eastern Europe. He coordinated the group of delegates from cooperative organisations who took part in the negotiations on the ILO Recommendation on the Promotion of Cooperatives in 2001/2002 in Geneva.

Olivier Biron  -  Scriptwriter

Olivier has been working in the cooperative movement since 2006. He has a bachelor in public relations (Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard, Namur, Belgium). He also studied Media Arts at the Thames Valley University (London) before working in the organisation and promotion of musical events. He joined CICOPA and CECOP-CICOPA Europe in 2006, where he is the communication officer.

José Fernández  -  Director of Photography

José has been a member of the audiovisual production cooperative m30m since 2003, where he is the director of photography, the cameraman and the production coordinator. In the last decade, he has become specialized in a wide range of audiovisual genres, such as television, documentaries, advertising and internet television, among others. He has coordinated the development of the television channel and Days

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